Pronto Salad£2.50
A mix of crisp sweet lettuce leaves, cherry tomatoes, red onion, cucumber, mixed olives and feta cheese


Garlic Baguette£1.45
4 pieces
Garlic Baguette with Cheese£2.45
4 pieces
10" Garlic Pizza Bread with Cheese£3.00
10" Garlic Pizza Bread withTomato£3.00
Potato Wedges£2.00
Tasty Box£2.99
wedges, strips, poppers & sole goujon
Family Platter£4.50
wedges, strips, poppers, sole goujon, onion rings, potato skins with cheese & curly chips
BBQ Chicken Wings£3.00
Spicy Chicken Wings£2.99
Chicken Strips£3.00
5 pieces
Oven Chicken Nuggets£3.00
5 pieces
Cream Cheese Poppers£2.99
Lemon Sole Goujons£2.99
breaded fish strips
BBQ Pork Ribs£4.00
Curly Chips£2.00
Onion Rings£2.00
Potato Skins with Cheese£2.50
Potato Skins with Cheese & Bacon£3.00
garlic mayo, bbq, chilli dip
Spicy Chicken Wings£3.00
Popcorn Chicken£3.00
Chicken Goujons£3.00
Jalapeno cheese Poppers£3.00
Mozzarella Sticks£3.00
Party snack Meatballs£2.50